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from The_Proxster (Prox)

Why You Should be Using Librewolf Instead of Company Browsers

Chrome is the de facto standard of internet browsers. This makes sense, the chromium engine is known for being fast and having many benefits, it has one of the largest companies marketing it, and it is what everything is written for. However with everything being written for Chrome, other browsers end up losing out and having to suffer with poorly-functioning webpages. This is also a problem however, especially with who is behind Chrome. Monopolies are a problem for anyone that is not the company with said monopoly, it removes creativity and punishes innovation, as well as locking people out of choice. Google is one of the worst companies, while claiming to be one of the “good ones.” They heavily track the usage of all the users of their browser and services, implementing telemetry wherever possible. They use this to profile people, influence politics the way they want to, and target people with ads.

Then there is Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's internet browser. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and is the replacement for Internet Explorer. With the update that made it based on the Chromium engine it became lightning fast, and can even run inside the Windows Sandbox. All of this sounds promising until it is remembered just who Microsoft is, they kill off whatever they can to avoid competition using their expansion policy “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.” They also have the problems that Google has, such as being part of PRISM, selling data to advertisers and third-parties, and not caring about their consumers no matter what. Not to forget how they ruin whatever does not get profit, and that they remove support for it as well, notably epub files that can no longer be read in Edge.

The next popular browser is Firefox, made by Mozilla on the gecko engine. It is better than both Edge and Chrome in terms of telemetry, it also is the most mainstream browser that supports the freedom of users and doesn't try to lock things down. However, Firefox still has telemetry, and also defaults to having Google as the search engine. Mozilla is also infamously bad as a company, not even pretending to be good like Google does, they fired their entire security department out of the blue despite backlash. They seem more involved in politics than they do technology, which is their main source of revenue.

In comes Librewolf, a fork of Mozilla's Firefox. It is to Firefox as Ungoogled Chromium is to Chrome, removing any and all telemetry from the browser. Like the popular “privacy” browser Brave, Librewolf comes with an adblocker installed by default, uBlock Origin. Unlike Brave however, it does not replace ads with different advertisements for a cryptocurrency. It comes with added security features by default, helping to mitigate Mozilla firing their entire security team. Librewolf's team fully embraces decentralization and freedom, which can be seen with how many ways it can be installed. They use gitlab rather than github, offer a flatpak that's not on flathub, appimage, builds for almost every distro, and even a Windows build. However, gitlab is full of JavaScript and is RAM hungry, so going to the official repository can be hard on weaker computers. The added security can also break some websites, in ways where you wouldn't even notice that the page was broken.

Librewolf is the superior choice for lovers of free and open source software, and people that are against monopolies. Develop for gecko, avoid the chromium engine, and award those who want to take control back of their own lives. Librewolf is only second to Tor Browser, which is not necessary at all times for all threat models.


from Aryan Cooking


DRY: 1.5 cups of brown sugar, packed 5 tablespoons of flour 0.5 teaspoon of salt (Shake through sieve until smooth)

WET: 2 cups whole milk (need fat) 3 egg yolks (Combine milk and yolks) Save the egg whites, and add sugar for making meringue, or use the whipped cream recipe below


Add prepared wet to dry and combine in bowl over double boiler. Fold the butterscotch from the bottom of the double boiler bowl onto itself, so the bottom doesn’t burn. Repeat until thick and little bubbles appear in the butterscotch mix, over a rolling double boiler.

Much of the water has to evaporate, don't boil the butterscotch, slowly let it become thick and when little bubbles pop up around the edge after ~30-45 minutes, add 2-3 tablespoons of butter (very forgiving [this largely controls the richness and silkiness of butterscotch, less isn’t always more]), and add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract or pure vanilla.

Optional Additions: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Coffee/Espresso.

Let sit for 5 minutes after being removed from the heat source and then add the butterscotch filling to the pie crust, when still slightly warm.

Let come to room temp and then refrigerate until ready to serve.

Whipped Cream


75-150ml of heavy whipping cream. 1-3 teaspoons sugar


Whip vigorously with a large blood whisk incorporating air. Make sure the cream is as cold as possible, and then refrigerating the whipped cream once stiff peaks are achieved.

Add lemon zest, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon in small amounts to the cream halfway during whipping if you choose to use any of them. Be very sparing.


from Based Tech

For years schools have, and still are infected with Windows computers, Macbooks, and loads more big names in proprietary software. Windows computers, the Titanic of bloatware that sells your data, it constricts you to their software, their hardware, and they incentivize their products with ease of use. Ease of use, it's always easy to fall into a swindler's trap. Apple, the walled garden as it has been called before. The apps you have access to are all marked up in price, even Anki which is FLOSS software has a roughly $20 price tag, for no reason! There isn't even a lowercase i before Anki.

With all the limitations from WinMac, and the ridiculous price tags, I've moved over to Arch Linux over a year ago now. I've also switched all of my daily workflow software out for community, volunteer maintained packages. I'm relying on these packages for university level education and will be continuing to push others to do so because of the versatility, privacy, safety, and the best part is running Arch Linux, or any version of Linux, is how incredibly light it is. An old ancient computer can run Arch, anything can run Arch because it's so light (<1Gb OS after install, with basic packages too).

Here is a list of the FOSS replacements I use

  • Arch Linux (Bye-Bye, WinMac)
  • LineageOS, or GrapheneOS (PhoneOS, light and private)
  • Joplin (Note-Taking)
  • Flameshot (Screenshots)
  • Librewolf, Tor Browser (Internet Browser)
  • Element/Matrix/Jitsi (Chat)
  • Calibre, muPDF (PDF, etc Document Viewer and Annotations)
  • ElectronMail (ProtonMail)
  • Thunderbird (E-Mail)
  • SyncThing (Point to Point Syncing: Android, Linux, etc)
  • Network Attached Storage: Music (AirSonic), Photos, University Documents, Personal Documents, Movies (Jellyfin),
  • OCRmyPDF (Make Scanned PDFs CTRL+F Searchable)
  • Write3 (Annotating PDFs on Tablet)

Joplin General Use: Key Player

  1. I upload all of my documents to Joplin after downloading them from my school website.
  2. From there, Joplin stores them locally and when I open the PDF school files (e.g. lecture slides).
  3. Then I can annotate them when the PDF pops up when clicked in Joplin.
  4. When I edit the PDF, it saves in Joplin, and then I can see my annotated notes in the in-line preview Joplin has.
  • muPDF does an impressive job being lightweight for PDF annotations. What you do is really only click a to start annotating, or F1 for any assistance when trying to annotate.
  • Okular is a good second, but it's much heavier and opening large textbooks with lots of pictures (think Anatomy 101) will bring everything to a grinding halt.

General Thoughts

I certainly don't regret transferring my life from the big brother eye of Microsoft, Google, and other mega companies, to FLOSS developed projects. I feel giving these hard, dedicated workers the rightful use and acknowledgement they deserve for their work.

In FLOSS/FOSS land, you can get 90% of what you want from the proprietary license world that makes you pay for logging in too many times. Joplin has many premium features for being free. You should consider making a donation. Sending someone 20 dollars who are volunteering their time for an open-source and free project, to make a tool for others to use for the bettering of their future and lives of people around them. Having good software is at the heart, what makes a good student, and that student who goes on to do great things can be thankful they had great software. I'm not saying Joplin will solve world problems, I am, however, saying that having low amounts of bull-shit stress in your life will improve work, and give you a better ability to sit down and be productive. Dealing with used up space, spying on my words and research, more, more, more demand for data mining.

Thank you for reading,

Hans Weiss, Publisher


from Mea Culpa

The Anglosphere Apocalypse

Brothers, the blood of our forefathers flows forever in the clay beneath our feet. Their bones spread far and wide from combat, holding us up as we triumph over challenge after challenge. Their spirit lives on in our hearts with tenacity, vigor, and vitality. The clay that we dug into fighting our enemies; the same clay that we work and sew; the same clay that our future will come from, our children, and our prosperity; it’s all being threatened by the poisonous hand of foreign invaders.

For years, we’ve had our eyelids peeled back watching the surrounding atrocities unfold. Every crime, every sick deed these invaders have willingly committed regularly goes unchecked, covered up, and silenced. This sacred womb, our homeland, that fostered our people for countless generations has been nothing short of raped from the Immigrant Invasion that has been plaguing Europe and North America.

Generations of honourable sacrifice echo throughout each of our houses. Generations of strength stand proudly with God, their family and their people. Generations of Altruism gladly laid down their life to protect what they cherish most. We have read their stories, heard their suffering, and saw their aspirations. Are they so different from our own?

Brothers, I ask you to look at the enemies from our past, and then to the ones who have taken to the streets: starting riots; spreading chaos; and venerating Marxism. Now, look at yourself, the burning might of your people shines on like a beacon of hope and promise.

They have sold their souls and have replaced it with weakness and submission. And you, my brothers, are filled with the future of our people, our family, and our victory.

Stand fast and stand tall.

Sisters, you’ve cared for our young, and old and extended your love to people who are beyond undeserving. From carrying the small babes who will eventually become our bright future, to staying aside those who were always there for you. This closeness, this community that has been maintained through love and security by your maternal nature is at risk.

We see your eyes shift as you’re fearful in your nation, feeling as an outsider within your walls. Because of your natural beauty, you’re sought after, and lusted for by men not from here. They want to take your innocent nature and defile it, they want only to take away your every feeling of security. These invaders, pillagers, and rapists have had their hands outstretched towards you all for too long. We see your suffering.

Many of you may already have children, many of you may be hoping for children in the future. You should ask yourself: “Do I want to have my children grow up, and be influenced by this current world? Is there something I can do about this?”

There is another way, sisters. There is a way where your security is placed above all else, where our futures can all be assured. In this place your children can grow up freely, learning about their culture, heritage, and nation. The future is bright as long as you strive towards a better tomorrow.

With National Socialism, there would be an end to looking over your shoulder, and having to be fearful of those who lurk in the dark.


from Mea Culpa

Mein volk, bruder und schwester,

Our bloodlines run strong through history, from Europe to North America. Each country, each new territory we sought after, travelled to; we poured immeasurable labour from generations of sons who propelled us into our future, giving us security. Our buildings became historic, sites of authentic beauty and majesty. Each country embodies its style with boldness, its own beautiful twist on our incredible, shared Anglo heritage.

This, brothers and sisters, is what binds us all so close together. The same strength that holds those old castle stones together is the same binding strength of our people. The blood that runs through the veins of our people, our sacred blood blessed by God, will soak into the ground for the last time if we are left without intervention to preserve our way of life, our children, and their birthrights. All of us are forcibly exposed to pornography; we're bound by the chains of usury and debt; immigration has taken away our safety and community integrity; the impending economic collapse will be our last breath if not the first of a new nation to rise among the rubble.

The blood that courses through our hearts cannot be cooled; the Folk have awoken. The screams from the slaughter of our people will echo forever: Germany, France, Scotland, Ireland, England; we hear you.  Do you hear them cry out to you, begging for justice?

Do you feel your heart break, shatter into dust when the blood of our people spills at the hand of those who stand with the synagogue of Satan?

Those who control the world through centralization: Central Banking; The United Nations; The World Health Organization; and more, all want nothing more than to control you and how you think. These Bankers, Benevolent Leaders, or Internationalized Doctors operate only for the control of money, economics, and quality of life.

How, you may ask, did they come to have so much power over us? Look no further than the parties you continuously vote for year after year – those who have been in control for decades, if not longer.

They're two faces of the same coin, and they represent the same evil. They sold us out; they sold all of you out, my Anglo brothers and sisters. They sold us to the banks, so they could continuously keep us in debt, so they have a constant steady stream of money flowing in, they don't care for our prosperity or the prosperity of the nation they so willingly destroy.

We often hear the pleas of more freedom from politicians and other leaders of our respective councils and branches of parliament. There is only one freedom, and that is true freedom. This is the freedom of the volkish soul, the soul of our brothers and sisters. We need this freedom for our traditions, and the freedom to protect them with viciousness, and conviction. Above all, we need a homeland to practice these sacred traditions without the persecution, disruption, and animosity we've been so accustomed to.

They will always offer you a choice: either A, or B. Their decisions are nothing but a facade to hide the truth that both of which you have to pick from are being sold to you from the same supplier. These wicked people have no end to their cocky behaviour. They have been playing this game for so long that they've become sloppy and more people have noticed their behaviour. Even in some cases, these people will openly admit to some heinous cultural or legal crime. You are not allowed to have any genuinely free choices as it stands now.

The only True choice you have is to read more about National Socialism, and above all God, and commit yourself to change; yourself first, and then the world second. We can kick out this plague we've been stuck in bed with, this chaotic dissolution of culture, as long as we do it together, as a single Folk. Together we will rise from the ashes if that is what it takes. These ideals we hold close to our heart, so close that it becomes apart from us, it invigorates with love and strength.

None of us will ever have freedom so long as the followers of the corrupt leaders in our countries continue to give blind support to those who hate the Populous. Remember, our leaders are bought and paid for; it is up to you to spread this message so that others may wake up to the reality that we've slowly slipped into. This isn't a side you can choose either. The colour of your skin has picked that fate for you. The question is: how long until you realize we are your only ally.


from Mea Culpa

What does a future with National Socialism look like?

In a single word – beautiful. A North America with National Socialism would only prosper more vigorously with each generation that rises from the clay of our land.

With National Socialism, you have trust in your future, you’re investing in yourself, your community and your children. By choosing reason you are providing life, and vitality to our openly assaulted, and murdered Aryan men and women.

The streets will be cleaned and cleared, the highways filled with the majestic beauty of nature. Our air will be as crisp once more, as the fertile acres of our homeland exhale a sigh of relief, and the flag will whisper our anthem with each wave of freedom.

Now, ask yourself:

“Do I want to keep living in a world without National Socialism ?”


from Mea Culpa

Recently, in the news, it was seen that the popular internet page Reddit banned /r/TheDonald; YouTube banned Stefan Molyneaux from their platform; finally, and unsurprisingly, Twitch banned Trump's channel all within rapid succession of each other.

 For years The Left has been selectively persecuting The Right or as we see it, our young men and women who only wish to see their nation and people prosper. They've poked, stabbed, and searched in every dark corner of the map to track down any trace, or resemblance of any right-wing ideologies. There were no stirrings before this happened, minor if at best, there were no upsets that lead to the rapid growth of decentralized political movements.

 A monster has emerged, and its posture is strong, cocking back its enormous head staring down at the left, staring down at its very progenitor with eyes of burning Volkish pride, and glory. The left dedicated years shadow-boxing ghosts from the past, perceived threats that are nowhere near acted out today. I speak of their version of racism, sexism, and any other categorical terms Marxists use at an attempt to appear intellectually superior. Every single one of their fruitless pursuits only lead to the very creation that will tear them down permanently. 

They got their wish, and they aren't prepared for us. National Socialism will reign supreme, and those who have emerged from the shadows will be struck down by our demanding and revolutionary people. 

They have no idea what they are doing. By closing shutting down these right-wing sociopolitical outlets, they are only creating a vacuum effect. Once these moderate people are orphaned by being banned or disbanded, they have two choices for migration: The Left, full of degenerate behaviour, instant gratification, self-deprecating behaviour and above all else they spread poison among our people; National Socialism, full of hope and glory, striving towards a brighter and better future, encouraging behaviour that only honours one's self and our people, our Folk. 

 Once one cowers to The Left, they leave humanity behind only to take up everything the material world has to offer. They have no binding love as we do among our people; they only seek to destroy and not to rebuild. They only dream of living among the ruins as its conqueror. Furthermore, they have no goodness in their soul, the genuine Marxists. We've seen the effects of Marxism, Communism and anything else that fly under the flag of Progressivism and Inclusivity. You will bear no true child of your own, it'll be a new disgusting thing, and everyone will celebrate when there are no races left, but one – what they call The Human Race. 

National Socialism, your protecting home and currently the only place where you are loved and appreciated for what your heart believes: honour, duty, loyalty, and strength. This home is filled with the burning spirit of our Folk, our kin, our brothers and sisters. We live to fight for our lives as well as the lives of our families; there isn't a challenge that arises that won't be met without total and complete viciousness and tenacity. You've seen the erupting success and prosperity Germany had after they named who was controlling and abusing their people; after they removed those who destroyed the spirit of The Folk. Hitler dragged Germany out of its shallow grave and spent years breathing life into Her once again. He did this by rallying together those who have also felt this massive effect, this Marxist Meteor, and among them, he found the champions that Germany needed.   

What is so different from today? 

 The Marxists have no front, they're disseminated, and they live among us as guerilla fighters. Your uniform is your phenotype; theirs is impossible to distinguish because they will stop at nothing to subvert you, deceive you and ruin everything that you have built to better the future direction of our people.     Rally together, find your comrades and take action. Take to the streets, fear no man, and fear no Jew for your future will be lost in the coming years if you do nothing today. What do you have to lose other than the chance to fight on your feet rather than living on your knees?


from Mea Culpa

No matter what grocery store you walk into across North America, we see stickers on the fruit and vegetables that hail from China and Mexico. These places, controlled by Marxists, hell-bent on turning a quick buck at Americans and Canadians' expense. Their lowly working conditions only harbour pestilence, and the lack of ethical bindings for their workers produce dangerous, careless environments; it's hand-delivered to your door from across our borders, poisoning our men, women, and children. Mexico sprays their crops with DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), which is illegal to use on any produce in many places of the world, over 100 if you can believe it. By my estimation, China, who is even worse than Mexico, is using human waste as fertilizer for the food that you buy from your local grocer. Natasha Longo, is an Author who wrote about the troubling that is brewing in the Asian countries to the east. Many of the large exporters of produce and other edible goods come from China and other neighbouring Asian countries like Vietnam and India. Similar to how Mexico expresses its humanistic apathy by covering everything we eat in a thick coat of sticky DDT that we have to scrub off our fruit and vegetables before we can eat them. The problem with China and other Asian countries is that they put the worst possible things inside our fruits and vegetables – human excrement. You cannot wash the genes of an apple; you cannot wash out the genetic influence the fruit or vegetable had while growing in human excrement that more than likely contains things such as medicine, cleaning/bath chemicals that you'd use in your toilet, as well as whatever else that could fit down a toilet hole.

“You may want to take a closer look at the country of origin on that product label the next time you go grocery shopping. Facing water shortages and escalating fertilizer costs, farmers in developing countries are using raw sewage to irrigate and fertilize almost 50 million acres of grains and vegetables which are then exported all around the world. A generally fecal-phobic society reacts to the thought with a mix of snickering interest and fearful aversion, all dispatched in a single flush. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), ten percent of the world's population relies on such foods. Nearly 200 million farmers in China, India, Vietnam, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America utilize human waste to grow food.” (Longo, N. (2012, November 19)

What world have we lived in, and for how long, where we willingly sent our children to school with lunches filled with literal shit and piss? We send our money, what is left after we are robbed blind by taxes, to these countries in exchange for this putrid pile of tomatoes, bananas, and kiwi – look for yourself, pull open your fridge to see who you're sending your money to. Think how many thousands of dollars have been sent to their country, we've been keeping them afloat amongst their deteriorating lifestyles and choices. We're enabling their behaviour every step of the way, and nobody can argue differently because we've seen no positive change over decades of farmers selling us their fecal flour and dirty water.

“The use of pesticides or chemical synthesis pesticides has increased in recent years in Mexico without there being a regulation that controls the most dangerous substances. Although scientific evidence has shown that these substances are capable of generating cancer and other effects on the endocrine, metabolic and neurological system, in Mexico[,] the use of 140 active ingredients prohibited in other countries is allowed.” Castillo, K. (2019, June 03)

Our southern neighbours, Mexico, don't care for your well-being, children's health, or the health of our beautiful nation. There is no reason you cannot merely watch more carefully over your crops and use other means of producing healthy foods. We cannot rely on these people who live only by Marxist ways to feed us. Do not buy their food; do not support their country. They are the very people that oppose you; every step forward you take will eventually be returned with a marching army against you. You're funding a revolution when you give these Mexicans and Chinese people your hard-earned and well-deserved money. Our quality of work is more productive and valuable than Mexico could ever hope to achieve in generations of dedicated labour. Our money will not continue to go to Mexico or China, so they can collect funds to operate against us, our Folk.

Samantha Sparks, who writes for The Multinational Monitor, said the following regarding Mexico, and it's policies regarding pesticide use.