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Why You Should be Using Librewolf Instead of Company Browsers

Chrome is the de facto standard of internet browsers. This makes sense, the chromium engine is known for being fast and having many benefits, it has one of the largest companies marketing it, and it is what everything is written for. However with everything being written for Chrome, other browsers end up losing out and having to suffer with poorly-functioning webpages. This is also a problem however, especially with who is behind Chrome. Monopolies are a problem for anyone that is not the company with said monopoly, it removes creativity and punishes innovation, as well as locking people out of choice. Google is one of the worst companies, while claiming to be one of the “good ones.” They heavily track the usage of all the users of their browser and services, implementing telemetry wherever possible. They use this to profile people, influence politics the way they want to, and target people with ads.

Then there is Microsoft Edge, Microsoft's internet browser. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and is the replacement for Internet Explorer. With the update that made it based on the Chromium engine it became lightning fast, and can even run inside the Windows Sandbox. All of this sounds promising until it is remembered just who Microsoft is, they kill off whatever they can to avoid competition using their expansion policy “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.” They also have the problems that Google has, such as being part of PRISM, selling data to advertisers and third-parties, and not caring about their consumers no matter what. Not to forget how they ruin whatever does not get profit, and that they remove support for it as well, notably epub files that can no longer be read in Edge.

The next popular browser is Firefox, made by Mozilla on the gecko engine. It is better than both Edge and Chrome in terms of telemetry, it also is the most mainstream browser that supports the freedom of users and doesn't try to lock things down. However, Firefox still has telemetry, and also defaults to having Google as the search engine. Mozilla is also infamously bad as a company, not even pretending to be good like Google does, they fired their entire security department out of the blue despite backlash. They seem more involved in politics than they do technology, which is their main source of revenue.

In comes Librewolf, a fork of Mozilla's Firefox. It is to Firefox as Ungoogled Chromium is to Chrome, removing any and all telemetry from the browser. Like the popular “privacy” browser Brave, Librewolf comes with an adblocker installed by default, uBlock Origin. Unlike Brave however, it does not replace ads with different advertisements for a cryptocurrency. It comes with added security features by default, helping to mitigate Mozilla firing their entire security team. Librewolf's team fully embraces decentralization and freedom, which can be seen with how many ways it can be installed. They use gitlab rather than github, offer a flatpak that's not on flathub, appimage, builds for almost every distro, and even a Windows build. However, gitlab is full of JavaScript and is RAM hungry, so going to the official repository can be hard on weaker computers. The added security can also break some websites, in ways where you wouldn't even notice that the page was broken.

Librewolf is the superior choice for lovers of free and open source software, and people that are against monopolies. Develop for gecko, avoid the chromium engine, and award those who want to take control back of their own lives. Librewolf is only second to Tor Browser, which is not necessary at all times for all threat models.