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Mea Culpa

Personal essays by Hans Weiss. There are a variety of subjects that will be covered, but mostly personal experiences, and relating them to current world problems in an attempt to conceptualize how utterly fucked we are. I give sobriety to this simulation were in, though we never really are let free of the glossy haze of the 21st century.

Traditional Wives, Happy Lives

Dolly is an Aryan, Catholic, traditional woman who embraces her feminine role wholly. Foxes is a Palestinian, emerging Catholic, and traditional woman who is likewise supportive of women roles in the household, and family. Both these handmaids of the Lord adore National Socialism, standing with the historic sympathizers and supporters of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Salutes, long dresses, long hair, and lifelong marriages. These ladies want you to know what desirable is: one who is firm in the faith, and strong in her heart.

Privacy and Technology

Prox works in the cybersecurity industry. He is an avid advocate for privacy and anonymity. Articles, and essays from Prox will range across several topics, but all will be related to privacy, and technology. Prox is an incredibly private person, and he wants the same for you. Reading from Prox will make you feel digitally dirty for using every item of proprietary garbage. You don't know how much they have on you, but he does.

Red Politik

These are Hans Weiss' political reflections on current and past matters. Using history as a tool to understand what is currently being upheld in the social sphere of NA/EU. Quite obviously, I put race at the forefront of my political agenda. With many pillars of my beliefs, I will explain why they are all logically sound, and why we are not allowed to have this peace. What I'm referring to isn't a utopia, not in the slightest. What I propose is facing the reality of hard work and the reality of our imminent danger. Extremely planning for the future by looking extremely into the past, to labour through love to provide a better life; there is no other way to be responsible for our future generations than to participate fully by stomping on eggshells, and pushing back the beasts from our federated, small, vocal platforms. Written by Hans Weiss, but accepting submissions from current authors.

Aryan Cooking

Recipes that I've used to closely replicate some form of traditional diet, an ancestral diet. For years, I've hardly touched fast food, I changed my diet permanently and for the better. This is by no means comprehensive, but it is to garner inspiration from some bang-up tasting grub. Written by Hans Weiss, but accepting submissions from current authors.

Based Tech

Social media, and proprietary software ruined my bank account, and put unneeded stress in my life. You have an advertisement ID on your Winblows 10 machine, G**gle, and Amazon genuinely listens to your conversations. Comparatively, we can read in 1984 about the TV watching your every move, only instead we volunteered to go into these mobile camps. I blew money on objects, cars, stuff I don't need all because of data-mining ads targeting my small wallet, and vulnerable desires. There's hardly a moment that isn't alone: if you take a shit you are getting bidet advertisements. Come to the Free Libre Open-Source Software side, live a better life, break up with Mark, Steve, and other CEOs who live in your head, and pockets rent-free. Their shit is designed to break, and it's built to, there have been lawsuits to verify this as well. Get based technology that I talk about, although I won't speak of brand names so that we can keep their price low, and normies away from our tech. Written by Hans Weiss, but accepting submissions from current authors.


Written with only genuine, simple lessons in mind I share some useful tips and hints to life in general, that I've lived, which may help you. Generally, these are questions I've been asked before, and the responses to them. I've dug into conversations to catalogue some of the useful things I've said in an attempt that it may reach further than a one-on-one conversation. Written by Hans Weiss, but accepting submissions from current authors.

In Nature

The trees, green linen flowing in the wavy wind. I love what God has created for us to dwell in, to nurture and let grow to nurture our future. Poetry, prose, maybe some ranting, you can find all nature related topics within this page of Deus Vult. Written by Hans Weiss, but accepting submissions from current authors.



Hans Weiss:

Hans Weiss is a pure Aryan who loves writing to no end. Writing creates a relationship that promotes intimate sharing of visuals, if done right. You can see the pain written on hearts, and the same overtones of rose hues the main character is experiencing while falling in love. This is writing, don't see me, but what I see.


Prox is a zealous lover of computer hardware, and software. He is educated in the field of computer science, and enjoys his leisure with furthering his studies and also sampling foreign films.


Dolly loves traditionalism, from the earliest memories she has experienced the woes of the world in leading her astray. From those temptations, and worldly sirens that echoes you into wrecked waters, the truth comes out. This is the story, the regrets, and the celebrations.


Foxes is an artist, and one who sends powerful messages. With her strong ability for visually appealing media she also contends with mighty writing skills. Like the other writers at DSVT, Foxes draws from personal experiences and acquired skill to speak of. Foxes is incredibly humble, God-fearing and traditional. Her Palestinian heritage makes her fervent for truth and justice of silenced voices.